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20 years of experience in
Visit Visa & Immigration

We have been counselling students and families for Immigration Opportunities and Study Abroad in more that 50 countries in Foreign countries including Europe, Asia, America, England, Asutralia and New Zealand

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Since 2005 we have
branches all over world

We have many branches of Get Me Visa offices all over the world. We are counselling and providing visa assistance for more than 50 countries.

We have offices in Denmark, Iceland, New Zealand and Estonia to provide you the assistance on how to get visit visa, student visa, business visa, volunteer visa for Estonia, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and Iceland.

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We have very intelligent and expert team to assist you on how to get schengen visit visa, European tourist visa, Australian visa, New Zealand visa, Estonian visa, Denmark visa, German visa, Italy visa, Greece visa, Belgium visa, Hungary visa, Turkish visit visa documents required and all other requirements

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